My (former) life as the crab

Musings about life after Crabby Office Lady

My (former) life as the crab July 15, 2011

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I’m finding it difficult to not add a ‘Y’ at the end of the word crab. I’m also having difficulty not capitalizing it. But I’m pretty sure the nondisclosure statement for the company that enabled me to live my life as a crab in 1999 (though the crab part didn’t come til 2002) said nothing about the wordcrab.

Not to be even MORE obtuse on this post, but the crab image itself IS already copyrighted and registered and god knows what else, but I was too stupid at the time to realize that they knew what little gold nugget they had (to whom they thanked with a Gold Star award) and they were not going to let her get away with such an idea (as in OWN the crab and her image).

Ah but that was a long time ago. And now the crab has been unceremoniously and summarily dismissed by total strangers  from far off and strange lands wearing beautiful corporate logo puffy jackets. (Our group did away with Christmas gifts to employees this year; because of this bad economy we gave donations.)

And so…this is the only way I get to write like this—for now. (Or I could keep sending long emails like the ones I’ve provided to my  friends who think I’ve gone off the deep end. My best friend waited almost a week to respond but boy when she did, she really did. Two of us are in the deep end…good thing we’re excellent (and experienced) swimmers.

So My 9-year-old and I will be blogging together and we won’t be blogging about PARENTING. We BOTH hate those parenting sites and magazines (like “Mothering” or “Dr. Sears” who is GOD to so many friends I have). And remember: only breastfeeding until the kid can text you to say that he’s coming home for a snack from your bosom  will prevent or cut down on ear infections.
(Note to self: Estranged brother and wife’s “attachment parenting” left their breastfed-til-they-were-riding-two-wheelers with constant ear infections and eartubes. My Vietnamese adopted daughter has had an ear infection….never.

So no parenting advice…EVER.

Expect funny stories, sad poems, musings, and variations on William Carlos Williams’s poem “”This is just to say.” More on that tomorrow.


3 Responses to “My (former) life as the crab”

  1. Steve Stahl Says:

    Just for the record I’m 45, still attached to the boob, and have never had an ear infection.

    • Annik Says:

      You’ve also always never been breast fed…uh, by your mother.

      (And DAMMIT can I not have one online outlet that no,one in my family knows about???? WTF???)

  2. shannikwa Says:

    Oh man am I setting myself up for…something. I guess change and adventure are coming my way.

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