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Crash-and-burn low food day July 16, 2011

Filed under: Daily dramas — Annik @ 8:00 pm
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Too much to do today. Had my morning tea, gave Bian her breakfast of eggs, toast, and a few berries. Walked Bamboo, ate a granola bar on the way.

On the way Bridging Hope Gallery to visit our friend Sister Sen, a Catholic nun from Vietnam (who says she’s Christian in religion but her head is Buddhist) Bian ate last night’s leftover pad Thai. I drove.

We got home around 4. I folded laundry, watched part of The Brothers Bloom (is it just me or does it smack of The Odyssey????) and at about 5:30…I crashed. Totally got all sweaty and cranky (“crabby?” Oh no, I’ve recently been told; no one even USES the word “crabby” anymore) like I was diabetic or something.

The kid witnessed it all. Nice modeling, Mom. A bowl of cereal fixed it quick.

(Though my DINNER was like 140 characters, how could I have said all that in 140 tweeting characters? And why would I want to?)


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