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Thanks LC July 17, 2011

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Nice night with L&L C.

Unburdened more than I am wont to do.

Watching the Tatum & Ryan O’Neal series on Oprah’s network.

One word: Ick. She’s obviously done a shitload of work; he obviously hasn’t.

He grosses me out but I loved Paper Moon. But it sure seems like she’s threatening her “sobriety” to try to connect with him. He’s a baby AND a baby soul.

But again: thanks Lori. Good day altogether. B AND Ari learned front somersaults in the pool. And I got in the pool, showed off my drop-butt dive off the board, and freestyle wall somersault.

Also almost got HEAT STROKE from pulling SPLURGE (thanks for the ID, Dad).

(Can’t add image I DLed of “splurge—I’m on my “iKotex”‘—renamed “Paddles”). Will try tomorrow.

B so tired and emotional she’s in my bed. Her love of sleeping next to her mommy won’t last much longer and so I give in (& even offer!) more than I used to.


2 Responses to “Thanks LC”

  1. Mary Says:

    I forgot about drop-butt dives!

  2. lori Says:

    Thanks for having us — it’s always good to spend a little quality time with A+B! and remember, unburdening is good! Call anytime — xo

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