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Camp- week 5: Soccer clinic! July 18, 2011

Filed under: Bian's musings,Bian's perspectives — Annik @ 8:38 pm

Today I had soccer camp and it was so warm out. I drank 2 bottles of water. I am so excited for tomorrow!


2 Responses to “Camp- week 5: Soccer clinic!”

  1. Catherine Says:

    Well, Miss Effusive, that sounds like a fine day. Your descriptions of the weather and the need for the purest form of liquid known to Humankind—and in such quantity!—were a delight to read. Happy to hear you’re enthusiastic about tomorrow (which I think is today). And by the way, this is my first response to a blog….yours and your mama’s.

  2. Annik Says:

    While this post from B is, no doubt, incredibly inspiring and moving, I tried to get her to tell the story she told me after camp today about a bullying, brand new Korean immigrant girl and how the lesson about the snotty woman in the sedan chair being carried by a monk in Jon Muth’s brilliant children’s book Zen Shorts could be perfectly applied to the situation. (AND there’s a character named Uncle Ry who is incredibly decent, and generous and naive—sounds like another love I used to know….)

    Although you understood my poin,t Bian (the kid bugged you all day long & in the book later, the younger monk, comments on how crappy that woman treated the older monk for a favor he’d done and the older monk replies, “I set her down hours ago; why can’t you?”) you just did not want to write about it. Said you didn’t know how to make it short enough.

    Welcome to writing, Treasured First (& last) daughter. If it’s worth it, you rtake the time, you ask your mom to type it, you self-edit.

    (Unless you’re Faulkner. Or Dostoevsky. Or some New Yorker Magazine articles. Or almost all Saturday Night Live Skits: funny for 5; channel surfing material after that. Or one of the Orange County housewives .)

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