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Thumb up my drive July 19, 2011

Filed under: Working for a living — Annik @ 12:54 pm

I’m trying to put 172 columns75 podcasts, one book, one Kindle book, 280 blog posts, and I don’t KNOW how many customer comments (at least 500K) onto a thumb drive (which I guess serves as a portfolio).

If a thumb drive drops into a hiring manager’s computer…does she open it?Thumb drive

One of my close friend’s dad is apparently on his deathbed–suddenly. We’re going to spend the night at her and her partner’s house because the dog can’t sleep alone. I could take my dog with us but if there is a bone or a scrap of food that they both see, my dog will kill her dog and then how would that be? Not good — for any party involved.

So my dog will spend the night alone, unless there are thunderstorms and then my daughter and I will travel back and forth between the homes and calming the dogs.

Who’s calming me is what I want to know. Oh yeah: Boxed wine. Neat.


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