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Tuesday night musings July 19, 2011

Filed under: General musings — Annik @ 10:48 pm

Tonight’s random thoughts B4 slink/sink/delve into my book.

—Who/where is Ellen DeGeneris’s dad? (?And what made me think of that?)

—Why does Rupert Murdoch & his News of the Whatever matter 80% worth the time of international news, and anyway, who would name their child “Rupert?” (Note: There is no “Rupert Junior.”)

—Why is WordPress so lame & hard to update and massage (not to mention add media) on an iPad?

—Why does everyone except my blood related family think I sing well—beyond well? Why did I always believe THAT apathetic-ism as THE sign that made the most sense?!?

—Re above item: Why did I care when the time was ripe to care? And did my own acceptance requirements sabotage my going for the dreams I’d had since I was 9 or 10? And is it even worth giving a thought about anymore?

—How did we get from the (if queasily) handing over of President Clinton’s 2001 $236 billion dollar surplus to George W. Bush, who then handed over, in January 2009, a 1.3 trillion $dollar deficit to the current President? Haircuts? Fancy linens? Berkin Bags? iPhones? 

— Watched the movie “Tyson.” My mixed emotions & feelings are so curious to me. I wish these famous, one-of-a-kind thug-born people could stop using the worst grammar ever: “I AXED HIM” or “I ain’t want no trouble” or “He had went to jail…” So…why does grammar and the way one speaks matter? It’s all social & economic status isn’t it? And I’ve been molded to not be able to look beyond it. Even if I can question it, the mold is strong & holding. It bothers me.

— In 20 years will my 9-year-old adopted Vietnamese daughter wonder if she’d been able to do more for the world at large if she’d grown up either a poor, hungry, & not necessarily wanted child OR a lifelong orphan in her home country rather than as a nurtured, potentially spoiled, loved & adored American human being? Does the nature in her just come with along with the nurtured aspect she’s experiencing? No one will ever know the answer to that question.

– After a chat with my most biz-savvy friend, I’ll give the “Chiquita” I previously mentioned about 15 minutes tomorrow. If, since (3 days ago) I TOLD her what I do and WHERE I do it (ONLINE) she has not even glanced at any of my properties, the deal is off. I need someone who understands the work I do and where/who the venue is who needs me.

(Thanks, JM)


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