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Skip a generation, feel part of a family July 20, 2011

Filed under: Daily dramas — Annik @ 11:05 pm

Sometimes it takes a generation or two to figure out that not so far away there are actual blood relatives who really *get* you (& you them—or so you try but never assume).

Frankly, I’m going to bed.for the first time in weeks, satisfied & well-fed—spiritually.

Redeemed AND redemptive. By and TO two people barely over 20. If I were the way they are or if I were the way I am now (at way over 40), well, this post, this life, the delightful red wine sauce might not have happened. Is there a trade there? Don’t think so but may change my mind in a few moments.

Amazing what one good red wine cream sauce can do for 4 people. Guess strawberries & angel food cake can’t hurt either—if anyone’s primed & ready for a potential rise to grace & pure white honesty, bouncy white cake is the way to experience that.

Thanks, Y&B; let us know re nights of Aug 9, 10. Show up by 7, stay the night, feed panda dog her breakfast, give her some lovins’ and…the day is yours. Cable, DVR, Netflix on demand, WiFi…

P.S. We’ll always be on your side…


2 Responses to “Skip a generation, feel part of a family”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I was just reading the entire blog – my first blog – and really loved it. I really didn’t know what to expect. I love Bian’s poems and comments and both your thoughts and insights. Y & B did have a wonderful time. Just a thought – you don’t need to skip a generation to feel part of my family.
    Love, M

  2. Y&B Says:

    Well fed spiritually is an understatement. We were stuffed with the most delicious meal filled with not only carbs and protein – but also love. Thank you so much for such a fun, relaxing, delicious night!! Can’t wait for many more. Love you both!!! We will definitely figure out the 7th

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