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Adult Otterpops have me hooked July 26, 2011

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Anyone who knows me knows I love anything frozen (to eat/drink; not to be on or wear or feel from a fellow human): crushed ice, shaved ice, sno-cones, Slurpees, Ice-ees. Not sure why exactly; maybe they temporarily quench the unrequited fire in me…

As a child I loved Otterpops. I have recently discovered The adult version: Shark Attack Margarita pops. And I’m not talking margarita-flavored frozen sticks; I mean a 7% alcohol Otterpop.

I’m bringing them camping (well, it’s part camping, part Jewish camping, part let-the-Dart-family-lead-us-to-our-food-and-freezer).

If you see me with a case of these…go get your own at Logan Liquors. Talk to Lori; tell her Annik sent you.


One Response to “Adult Otterpops have me hooked”

  1. lori Says:

    i think i may need a box of these in my freezer!

    Three posts in one day — you’ll spoil us!

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