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Debt ceiling debt schmeiling July 26, 2011

Filed under: Uncategorized — Annik @ 10:01 am

I said out loud, coming out of the shower today that I wish the f-in DEBT CEILING (???WHAT???) would just finally cave in on everyone in the House, the Senate, and even On our handsome, jug-eared, smartypants, orator, “yes-we-can” President.

Jaysus, May-ree, and JOE-sef I am tired of hearing about these twerps and their ridiculous posturing. It’s like the worst ballet you’ve ever seen.

And the story about the young Hispanic girl with 2 kids and no HS education (& yes, she is still a GIRL) who got pregnant with her first child at 14 and with her second a year later, I’m torn between wanting to hold her and care for her and provide for her (like apparently, her drug-addled and abusive parents never did)and shaking her until her neck is wobbly and scream in her face about BIRTH CONTROL. My NINE-YEAR-OLD knows about it (though not specifically—the word “penis” makes her gag—no comment). I imagine “Lauren” watches plenty of TV where there are many ads for condoms and Planned Parenthood.

And speaking of those condom ads, have you noticed that they’re not about preventing pregnancy AT ALL anymore?? That isn’t even mentioned. They’re about spicing up you and your partner’s sex life. Nice. Great messaging white men and women on Madison Ave.

Gotta run—my own debt ceiling is going to crash in on us if I don’t go do my job (which is…good question).


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