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The Schoolhouse July 27, 2011

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Pearl and Bian - Seattle 2011

By: Bian Stahl
My mom and I are going to the schoolhouse on Saturday. I get to see some VERY good friends of mine there. We get to sleep in tents, roast marshmallows around a fire pit and do all kinds of things. The friends names are Cosmos, Pearl, Tata and Will. There is a lake there and trees. Last year I got to drive a tractor with someone’s help; it was fun but hard. Playing games with Pearl and running free is so exciting. I wish I could go up there more often.

Dart Schoolhouse pond 2005


3 Responses to “The Schoolhouse”

  1. Annik Says:

    Thanks for your comments, Lori; you sure are a loyal one! A rarity these days!!! 🙂 One day let’s go to a “Toddler’s and Tiaras” pageant with our girls…want to? (See post right above this one.) Crime seen/train wreck/a look into a child’s future fun!!!

    Then again, will there ever be one within 200 miles of us? Don’t think so. Las Vegas maybe, but I’m guessing there or somewhere in Texas would be the closest… (You know me nad my big hair: The higher the hair, the closer to…)

    • lori Says:

      it would be pretty funny — did you see tom hank’s do this on Jimmy kimmel around the academy awards– i don’t know how to attach it, but it’s on “the youtube” — hysterical!

  2. lori Says:

    cute pix — it looks like a lot of fun BIan!

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