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Last summer push August 8, 2011

Filed under: Annik,General musings — Annik @ 5:12 pm

Royal Gorge, ColoradoWe’ve been off track with the blog for a bit but that’s only because no school+no camp+Mom’s work=creative time management (CTT). We’re off to the Royal Gorge tomorrow AND Garden of the GODS AND Cheyenne Mountain Zoo (a 2-day trip, of course).  A last push for that vacation feel til SCHOOL starts 8/18.

And on that note, why does DPS start school in August? it’s 90+ degrees and my kid (along with 350 other kids) is in a 110-year-old school that has no air-conditioning…and she’s on the top floor! Brutal.

Also – took a trip, for the first time, to Johnstown, Colorado, about 45 miles north of here. Jodie’s dad passed away (I swear I’m going to create a new expression that people WILL use) and it was really the only way we could BOTH show support for her to come to the VFW and eat lunch and drink some beers. It wasn’t really as bad as Jan and Jodie made it out to be…but the bottle of Bud didn’t hurt…


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