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Fourth day, fourth grade August 23, 2011

Filed under: General musings — Annik @ 9:08 am

Feeding the giraffes - Cheyenne Mtn ZooFourth day of fourth grade. Bian wakes up saying, “Is it Saturday?” When I tell her no, it’s Tuesday, she jumps up,thrilled, and squeals “Yay!!!”


The other day I was bemoaning the death of an expensive plant and a friend asked if I’d kept up with its fertilization. Cripes—I haven’t even kept up with my own feeding and fertilization. Reminds of that Jim Gaffigan bit where his wife asks him if he’s rinsed the soda can he’s about to put into its appropriate recycling container and he says, “Wash the garbage? I haven’t even showered yet!” Boy do I hear that.

Today will be filled with useless work meetings that I can barely hear anyway, trying to get the old school web site ported over to the new web site, and staying up all night long for tomorrow’s “sleep-deprived EEG” where they wont find anything anything and ill be forced to make a decision as to whether or not I want to go on anti-seizure meds that will make me lethargic and stupid (more so than I am). Nice.


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