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A new classroom experience (by Bian) August 25, 2011

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Flag of JapanI am in Miss Atsuko Shimizu’s class and she is Japanese. She teaches us Japanese, like how to say “good morning” (おはよう — “Ohayō-gazamas”).We have a turtle named Monic (she’s a girl) and lots of fish. I am in the same class as my best friend Ingrid but I miss my other friends from Miss Vikki’s class.

We have made book bags out of fabrics by sewing them and I made one at home, too. I think it’s neat to have an Asian teacher and I’m going to be taller than her in about two years. She has curly hair and goes to China twice a year to have the curls put in.

I love being in fourth grade. I love school and I love my teacher and tomorrow we’re having a reading test on the computers. I am reading Mister Popper’s Penguins and my mom is reading Gregor the Overlander (Book #1) to me at night. It’s a great fantasy book and we look forward to it every night. I am also reading Poppy and Ereth. The author, Avi, lives in Denver! I have read a couple other of the Poppy books and liked one but didn’t like the other.

We are going camping this weekend with Jodie and Jan our friends. We are even bringing Bamboo!


2 Responses to “A new classroom experience (by Bian)”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Glad you are liking Gregor the Overlander. Wouldn’t it be fun to fly around on bats. Could do without the giant roaches though. Avi and his wife are friends with my colleague Karin, and he has visited us at the library several times. You would like him. He’s kinda shy, but loves to talk about his books.

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