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Camping, rain and vaccinations (oh yeah: related) August 28, 2011

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Camping in the Colorado Pike National Forest near the nearly perfectly pristine Jefferson Lake. Suba, the Portuguese Water Dog wanted NOTHING to do with the water while Bamboo, the Great Pyrenees/Akita (neither breed particularly water- friendly) couldn’t get enough. Hmmm. And you you shoulda seen that Pyrenean dog with her back & in tact dew claws in tact and working their way through the rocks…

And if you know me, I’m not really a “Yeah! Lets go camping anytime, anywhere!” But our friends, Jan & Jodie actually had 24 hours free over a weekend and so we literally PINNED them down/forced them to spend one night camping with us. (Plus, the promise of a yummy over-the -fire pannini- type fired-cooked dinner under one of Colorado’s famous clear starry nights was too much to turn down.)

Camping with J&J August 2011

Camping with J&J August 2011

After a 90 minuted hike above then lake and then Bamboo IN the lake, we actually found a campsite and began to set up then tent (J&J have their own van, “The Pleasure Dome—something like that and…’nuff said).

And then of course, it started raining @ 5, pouring by 6. Dinner and games were good (inside the van) but GODDAMNIT! Can I just have one perfect night outside???

But here’s the thing: To top it off: Bian had a horribly high fever and was freezing/ boiling freezing/ about to vomit night ALL NIGHT. She had HER sleeping bag and pad, MY bag and pad, and all the blankets.I slept in the corner of the tent where the wine had spilled. And you know, that’s just part of being a parent and it doesn’t really bother you much. (At that point I was PRAYING for bears, serial killers, anything dryer and warmer.)

But this is what got me: Bian had just had THREE vaccinations that Friday: Hep A, Hep B, Polio. I DO believe that the disease is a bazillions times worse than the shot, but I do wish THIS doc had listened, really listened to me about how SENSITIVE Bian had been in the past to vaccinations. I felt rushed into it, unheard… I’m going to tell our doc that. Hives, high fever, & all less then 24 hours after the shots. Something smells fishy (or maybe eggy) here…

It’s just…HARD to know what the right choice is.


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