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My book bag September 12, 2011

Filed under: Bian,Bian's musings — Annik @ 12:52 pm

At school we have to make book bags out of fabric and then you have to sew it together. My fabric is dark blue with white dog paws. When you do the sewing you have to do three works first: writing, math and reading. Then you can work on you book bag.

I made one at home all by myself. I need thicker thread and my mommy said she would take me to Michael’s.

Bian Stahl

Hand sewn bookbag made by Bian


4 Responses to “My book bag”

  1. Annik Says:

    Syunday afternoon: She’s off with some friends. We just bought some fabric and stronger string (the kid knows shat she’s doing apparently) and in 30 minutes last night made a beatiful bag.

    Then today, while she was upstars watching TV (the Devil Wears Parada for God’s sake – am I a terrible mother? The moral of the story is a good one; thelanguage could use some cleaning up but it’s not like she’s 5 anymore and hasn’t heard it “shit”…) while I sawed away at 7 this morning, she made another. When she’s back later tonight, I’ll take and post a photo.

  2. lori Says:

    Book bag pictures please! Love your video!

  3. Natira Says:

    Can you show a picture of your bags when they are done? I would love to see them! I am wearing the pretty string bracelet you made for me a long time ago. It’s red, blue, pink, and black. I love it so much. You’re so good at making beautiful and creative things.

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