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Just over a year now… September 18, 2011

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Annik and Ry

Annk and Ry (at age 12)

I know I already posted something about this but we saw an Aussie puppy today and so I had to write again. (And I’m procrastinating on (for? about?) I have two very important things to write: 1) 3 minute fiction entry for NPR; 2) Blog post to MSN to show them how much they need someone like me. It’s all about this book (which has gotten the press on it ALL WRONG by the way).

It’s been a little over a year since I said goodbye to the best furry pal I ever had. On August 26th, the anniversary of his death, Bamboo and I were walking in the park and a Ry Cooder song from “Paris Texas” came on my iPod. He was so with us (but the geese were glad he really wasn’t… 🙂

Every day I miss him. Less and less? No, not really like they said it would be–especially not with what’s all been going on. Yeah, it’s gotten easier but little memories I thought I’d forgotten keep creeping in (though half the time I can’t even remember what I went into the pantry for…)


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