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Halloween 2011: First hand-made costume October 24, 2011

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Bian in her Blue Macaw costumeWhen Bian said she wanted to be a Blue Macaw (like from the movie Rio) I assumed we’d buy a bird costume and retrofit. But no, that day I must have been feeling a little too sure of myself and so a trip to JoAnn’s and Michael’s produced 8 blue boas, one blue t-shirt, some white angel wings and some black felt.

it took me/us about 10 nights to glue on the feathers one-by-one and I have to say, it was the best costume at the Lincoln Fall Festical. Too bad there was no competitiion (God forbif the kids learn about winners and losers); Bian would’ve taken it hands down.

Bue Macaw costume from the back


Last soccer game of the season October 19, 2011

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Soccer queensLast soccer game of the season occurs tonight on this gorgeous autumn afternoon. It’s almost like New England here. (Not that I know what a New England autumn is like but hey, I’ve seen pictures!)

Now, if I can just get Bian to be a little more…competitive. What IS it with┬áthis generation? Everybody gets a participation certificate or ribbon. Hey man, in life there are winners, losers and in-betweens. I don’t think we’re really doing our kids any favors by boosting their self-esteem if it doesn’t deserve boosting.

Man, I’m harsh! But middle school and high school will be torturous if the kids in elementary school–particularly Montessori–don’t learn that soon…


First run October 18, 2011

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Old lady and her pipeI made a promise to myself that I would run a half marathon by the time I’m 50 (or sometime that summer). The promise was almost a full marathon but after talking to several women over 40, I decided against it.

And now the time is swiftly approaching (18 months!) so I’ve been actually out there giving it a shot, running every other day with Bamboo (whether she wants to or not). Yes, I can only run about 10 minutes at a time and yes I feel like I’m going to barf up a lung before, during and after, but I feel, for some reason, that this is something I MUST do.

All my life I’ve had these dreams about being able to run far and long (sometimes before alighting off the ground) and I’ve always felt like a runner inside. It just never really came to fruition in real life. I’ve tried several times but now I really WANT it. I feel hungry for it, oddly enough. I’ve just never been able to really DO it.

(So, hey, why not wait til I’m older and my knees are a bit shot and it takes 3 times as long to get into shape as it would if I were, say, 30? Or even 40? Why indeed.

First race: Run for Fetal Hope ┬áNovember 13th right in my back yard at Denver’s Washington Park. Odd cause to choose, I suppose, but fetuses need hope and I needed a 5K in November. What a good match we are.

My very athletic and sporty iron-man triathlete friend, Katrin, will bring Bian to cheer me on. I think I may have chosen Katrin on purpose: I don’t want to feel like an absolute piece of jello if I can’t run a measly 5K. Katrin would never, ever laugh or make fun or say or even think anything bad; she’s just too nice of a chick. But I’d feel like a total loser. And who wants that?


The Atlantic Ocean (by Bian)

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Puffer fishZooming down a skinny path 18000
feet below the beautiful sun
I want to explore the Atlantic Ocean
to find a new and weird animal
below the sea.
I also want to find
D.N.A. of an animal that lived
sooooooo long ago but first I will
finish 4th grade.

Maybe I will be the first lady to do that.


My life now October 5, 2011

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This is me now: Outlook Help monkey. So if you’re having trouble with the NEXT verison of Outlook? Blame me if you can’t figure out my dispassionate topics. (The passion was sucked out of me last spring.)