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Last soccer game of the season October 19, 2011

Filed under: Uncategorized — Annik @ 5:33 pm

Soccer queensLast soccer game of the season occurs tonight on this gorgeous autumn afternoon. It’s almost like New England here. (Not that I know what a New England autumn is like but hey, I’ve seen pictures!)

Now, if I can just get Bian to be a little more…competitive. What IS it with this generation? Everybody gets a participation certificate or ribbon. Hey man, in life there are winners, losers and in-betweens. I don’t think we’re really doing our kids any favors by boosting their self-esteem if it doesn’t deserve boosting.

Man, I’m harsh! But middle school and high school will be torturous if the kids in elementary school–particularly Montessori–don’t learn that soon…


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