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Halloween 2011: First hand-made costume October 24, 2011

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Bian in her Blue Macaw costumeWhen Bian said she wanted to be a Blue Macaw (like from the movie Rio) I assumed we’d buy a bird costume and retrofit. But no, that day I must have been feeling a little too sure of myself and so a trip to JoAnn’s and Michael’s produced 8 blue boas, one blue t-shirt, some white angel wings and some black felt.

it took me/us about 10 nights to glue on the feathers one-by-one and I have to say, it was the best costume at the Lincoln Fall Festical. Too bad there was no competitiion (God forbif the kids learn about winners and losers); Bian would’ve taken it hands down.

Bue Macaw costume from the back


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