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Mid-life or just general hotness? December 14, 2011

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Having curly, fuzzy, course and just plain nutty hair can be a real problem. I don’t like it short and it takes a long time to manage in the morning (and again, in the evening, if I have somewhere nice to be).

And so I had an idea, spent a few bucks (and 10 hours) and feel like a million bucks (even if others may think I’m a freak…)

125+ braids


2 Responses to “Mid-life or just general hotness?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for your commnet, I have nornally very curly and coarse hair and the lady who did my haiir said to wrap it into a ponytail and sleep in a silk scarf each day, and once a week to to wet a towel and put it into the microwave, get it really hot, put it on your head, and add jojoba oilk and let it soak through. After 7 days, so far, so good…

  2. I think it looks awesome! I’ve done braids like that before. The only problem with my fine, caucasian hair was that it got fuzzy after only two days. Maybe if I had slept on a silk pillowcase would have been better? Might check into what other white girls have done to avoid that problem. Regardless, you look awesome!

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