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What am I learning from this? January 4, 2012

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2-year-old B and 8-year-old Ry in SeattleThat I’m lazy? No, I am not lazy. That I’m scared? Well, everyone is, really. That movie “Defending Your Life” really drives that idea home and I think it’s true:” Fear keeps us from accomplishing and doing the things we really want. (Somehow KNOWING that and DOING SOMETHING ABOUT THAT are two different things. Huh.)

For the next few months I’ll be writing things that no one needs a college degree to write. And it’s not even writing, really. It’s rewriting. It’s…scrubbing. You have this floor. It once had polish. Then you had kids and they had kids and now the floor needs polishing. Hire the washerwoman to dust it, mop it, polish it. Oh, and maybe you’ll need to hire someone with a teensy bit more experience to refinish it.

That is what I now do for a living. It’s very easy and I get paid well to do it. It leaves me plenty of time during the day to get things done like walk the dog, take a yoga class, visit the rats (another post for another day), laundry, and maybe even grocery shopping. This just doesn’t seem right,

And yet, should I not be happy about this? Particularly in this economy (as my good friend Jodie continually tells me
as she got laid off from HP and then a year later was hired, as a contractor, to do the EXACT SAME JOB she was laid off for)?

Here’s the thing: I’m bored. And I have a good, creative brain that has lots to offer. And I don’t think this is good role modeling for my kid either.

Her: “What’d ya do at work today, Mom?”
Me: “Nothing.”
Her: “What do you mean ‘nothing’? Surely you did SOMETHING?”
Me: “I taught someone how to turn off the spell checker in a really non-technical way because we’re all doing that now, trying to talk to our customers in a really nice way, a way that makes them feel like we’re human.”
Her: “Isn’t that what you did for almost 10 years as the Crabby Office Lady?”
Me: Go do your homework.


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