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Adho Mukha Śvānāsana January 18, 2012

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I started up yoga again. I used to do it pretty regularly a few years ago but lapsed. So I took a few level I classes the past two weeks and found them…lacking in something. Too easy? Not challenging? Boring. All of the above. And at one of them — all women–there was a lot of chatter going on amongst them and even the female teacher. I felt like shouting,. “This is yoga people! Not your book club!” But of course I was in Bālāsana or Child’;s Pose and shouting didn’t seem appropriate.

So then TODAY I took a Level II class with a guy named Kila who was about…50, Hawaiian with one hell of a body and unreal flexibility and in an hour we did headstands, shoulder stands, and backbends. It seemed more like a Level III class to me and he didn’t even offer people alternative poses. I’m a little disappointed with that. From my previous practice (and the fact that my best friend is a certified Iyengar instructor), I know that you are supposed to offer “modifications” that you cn do. A couple of the ladies in there seemed genuinely…injured. Wiped out. Pissed off. And out of their league. Seriously. I kind of want to talk to him about that but it was my very first time with him so…do I have the right to ask him? I knew how to do most of the poses but that was most definitely NOT a level II class. I’ll bet there won’t be as many gals there next week. Not even sure I’LL be there next week.

I have another Level II class on Friday with a different guy. We’ll see. (Yeah,. we’ll see if I can get out of bed tomorrow…)

By the way, B.K.S. Iyengar is turning 94 this year. Here he is at 86. Holy smokes!B.K.S. Iyengar at 86


2 Responses to “Adho Mukha Śvānāsana”

  1. Annik Says:

    @Savasanna: You know, I took two Level II classes this week. The first one with Kila (above post) was all about inversions — and quickly, too, in a very packed room. Backbends, Headstands, and shoulder stands. He didn’t help me (and I needed help, particularly getting vertical w/my shoulder stand); I’m so disappointed he didn’t offer “alternative” poses because so many people were having some serious issues. There was crashing all around me. And no one in there was under 40. Hurt bodies the next day, for sure. I wasn’t too bad. Just a little overstretched in the back of the quads.

    Today was with Kevin, whom I have had two classes with and whom I don’t like at all. Pompous and not at all warm. I feel like I need someone who at least exudes some sort of caring or something, you know? Am I expecting too much? I don’t want/need to be babied or cradled, but I KNOW what a good yoga teacher can do. Hell, I get more warmth from my DVDs with Rodney Yee, two dimensional as he is. (Okay, yeah, yummy to look at too and he isn’t doing yoga while staring at the cars getting on I-25 north in Denver…)

    What are your thoughts? Should I try a different non-Hatha yoga? Hot yoga seems ridiculous. “Laughing” yoga even more so. I have a 9-year-old; we laugh all the time. And I used to be a humor/tech writer; lots of laughing there (internal if not external). Hatha/Iyengar seems the most traditional and it’s all I’ve known. (I started practicing in 1996—I’ve been on and off since, and plan to STAY WITH IT. 50 is fast approacing and my flexibility is going down as the years climb upward.)

    Thanks for reading my post today. The last few posts I’ve written have got me some blogosphere traction. Odd. Nice, but odd.

  2. Splitting it into Level 1-3 is confusing as every body interprets it differently, in the end it all depends on the teacher…. And gosh, if at the ripe age of 86 I’m still able to do what he does, I will feel so blessed. Yoga really works wonders.

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