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Horse Piano January 20, 2012

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Horse piano


4 Responses to “Horse Piano”

  1. Writing Jobs Says:

    This was an excellent post! Thanks for sharing it today.

    Writers Wanted

  2. Natira Says:

    Spot on…odd, sad, satisfying, and redemptive. I’ve been thinking about this all day so far, and how I wish I could have had a spot at your breakfast table this morning.

    • Annik Says:

      I wasn’t able to format the poem the way the author did so I redid this post by taking picture of how WE saw the poem so that you could all see it how it was meant to be seen. Yes, Natira, we have some good morning beakfast chats. Lately about a kid in her class who is being a BULLY and I can’t get any traction from the teacher or the principal. They are apparently unaware of actions Queen Shannikwa is willing to take to protect her young’un…

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