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Grammar drives me crazy… March 16, 2012

But this in particular:

I hear people talk–on the radio, on TV, on the streets, even at work–who are (I’ve, in the recent past assumed–maybe correctly, maybe not) obviously not particularly educated,  and who don’t spend their time reading, much less writing or considering grammar (just conjecture, of course). This is the one that keeps throwing itself on my mercy

People say (in various contexts)

  • “What he must have WENT through…”

To me that sounds wrong. Just WRONG. I’m not a grammarian so I don’t know the rule for this, but to me, what sounds right is

  • “What he must have GONE through…”

Tyler ClementiI’m using this example because I just heard one of the lawyers on NPR–not sure he was  for the defense (Dharun Ravi who was found guilty of a hate crime, among other things) or the prosecution (for that sweet, gay, violin-playing, bridge-jumping-to his death Tyler Clementi) say “What he must’ve went though” and I thought to myself, “Hm. Self. THis guy is a LAWYER and you aren’t. Maybe it’s YOU who is sounding like an uneducated, McDonald’s-eatin’-3x-a-week-Jersey-Shore-fan. Oof. That’d be bad. I’d better check my resume.

Am I wrong?  Could it be? After all these years of trying to write correctly and working with great editors and copy editors? (Note that at this moment, my job entails NOT having real editors or even copy editors–RAMONA WE MISS YOU– just…well I can’t say or I’d get into trouble and I need this job, as dull and boring and mind/soul numbing as it is. Maybe another time when I’ve moved on (and boy, that time is coming–offers have started to pour, oddly enough; unfortunately they’re in Seattle, Austin, Singapore…). Another topic for another day (and maybe in another location–maybe another continent).

So, what say you, blog readers? I’m going to post my question to Grammar Girl and see what she has to say –if she hasn’t already addressed this. If she has, I’ll post it here. For the 5 of you. Haha.

– Annik (aka Queen Shannikwa, aka Crabby, aka Mommy, aka The Older Human Who Gives Us 4-Month-old-Rats Fatty Sunflower Seeds during the day).

C’mon: Talk to me. Anna? Fran? you’re two fo the smartest people I know. Ask Ryan Warner (whom we met Monday –he’s dreamy, gay, not gay). What’s  his take on “went” and “gone”

Okay, it’s the weekend, Bian has a  friend over and we’re all making pizza and watching Ponyo. So I’m gone for the weekend. Or…I went. Or I done gone and went. Or I done went and am gone. Huh. English is tricky. I do both Iyengar and Bikram Yoga so I’m pretty sure Sanskrit is trickier.


Meeting the voice of Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me March 12, 2012

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We just met Carl Kasell today (& Ryan Warner whom I used to not like so much on the air but took a u-turn on that a couple of years ago). If you don’t know who Ryan is, well, okay—I’ve a feeling that maybe one day you will. That boy is going places. He makes what seems to be, at first listen, boring topics–fracking, beetles, Hickenlooper’s budget–and makes them interesting and accessible. That is some feat, Ryan. And we have friends in common– the “Frannas”–and he was as cute and professional and amazing as can be. He is someone I’d like to know.

But back to dreamy Carl. That almost-78-year-old has skin like a 25-year-old…and I told him so. (I hope he didn’t think I was flirting with him. That’s kinda skeezie.) But if you don’t know who CARL KASELL is, well, I think y’all need some educatin’ (he’s originally from North Carolina). He was charming and adorable and took a photo with us and  told ME PERSONALLY a story about how his dad told him to keep working into old age. AND I wrote a limerick for him . (Those of you who DO know who Carl is will understand this limerick):

Limerick for Carl Kasell:

For 5 years I have been my most scheming,
I’ve been clever, yet humble, not screaming,
Is it just not my fate
To get on Wait Wait
Must I go to my grave still teeming?

Yet perhaps you can offer a tip…
Just a whisper, a slip of the lip…
No one need know,
How I got on the show,
Or why the Kasell I continue to worship.

Then again I suppose this is crass,
And illustrates my chutzpah and sass,
But hey, it can’t hurt
To try to subvert
The rules from the very top brass.

With utmost respect and regard,

Annik Stahl, Denver, Colorado

—   Avid NPR and “Wait Wait” listener (and of course, Carl Kasell fan) and personal trainer of a budding NPR fan.

Denver, Colorado

— 720.352.7639 (just in case—from these words to God’s ears— a producer from Wait Wait wanted to call…)

I wonder if he liked it. I wonder if I’ll get on the show. I wonder if I’m Pollyanna. AND in case you’re a fan of the show, Carl told us that he individualizes each and every winner’s message that he makes on his or her home answering machine. My God! The possibilities! Limericaks! Singing! Yiddish! Cursing! The people who don’t win on that show sound so blase about it; I’d frankly die if I didn’t win  and threaten to …

Well never mind. This is the web and I’d better be, uh, nice. I mean, it’s not North Korea, but still. Did you read this story about a guy on Facebook who wrote some nasty things about his wife–he called her “evil and vindictive”– on Facebook and was ordered by the judge to APOLOGIZE or go to jail??! Has anyone heard of First Amendment Rights? WTF?

(I’d call my blog WTF? if there weren’t already a show called that. )


P.S. Neither Carl nor Ryan asked me what I did for a living. I cold have told them I hada Master’s in Journalism and that I was the former- (said with clenched teeth) Microsoft Crabby Offfice Lady. I guess I just let my limerick speak for itself.