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When “No Soliciting” signs aren’t effective May 16, 2012

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I answered the door a few days ago to two middle-aged, sweating men in suits. (Romney impersonators for hire, I wondered?) They were Jehovah’s Witnesses. My first time—no kidding. I had been wondering if “Jehovah’s Witness” was a euphemism for something else, like “roofing company who wants to give a ‘free estimate'”.

But no, there they were, wanting to talk about, well, I’m not sure. See, the thing is, I answered the door with one of our rats on my shoulder, her nearly hairless tail slowly slinking across my neck. I pointed out the mezuzah, and just as they were starting to say that they spoke to people of all faiths, the rat, Remi, shifted slightly —maybe to get a better look.20120516-143815.jpg

All it took was for one of their gazes to graze slightly below my eyes and to my shoulder and they were OFF like a flash! Like the Red Sea parting! Like Jesus hightailing home to Dad just in time for Easter! Like…like they’d seen a rat on a jewess’s shoulder!

(I am VERY excited about roofing season…)


4 Responses to “When “No Soliciting” signs aren’t effective”

  1. Annik Says:

    My AKita/Great Pyrenees mix was freaked out the first night–whined all night at my daughter’s door. Now she just seems resigned to it. We let one of the rats ride on her back the other night. That is just not…normal, is it? Oh well, we’re a not-so-nuclear family so who cares anyway. Thanks everyone, for your comments. One of my relatives basically cut me down in front of a group of people when I said I thought Twitter and Facebook were just symptoms of our fast-food nation. She said a blog was the same. I disagree. To me, I think a blog takes more time and contemplation and I am not just posting pics of myself or my kid or my pets… (well, at least not all the time…)

  2. Steven Says:

    If only I could keep a rat! My fifteen cats don’t seem to deter the Witnesses.

  3. VSichalwe Says:

    Hahahah this is hilarious, I think I want to get a rat too!!! lol

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