My (former) life as the crab

Musings about life after Crabby Office Lady

Miss you Ry – 5/16/1996-7/26/2010 July 26, 2012

Filed under: Annik — Annik @ 10:14 am

Ry - 1996

I know that my floors may be cleaner
my vacuum less active
my backyard quieter.

And I know that some will mention the Rainbow Bridge,
the place where he and I will meet again.

I also know that the bridges I cross until then
are simply thresholds into places where he no longer is
and that the vacuum
is not a piece of machinery anymore,
but a place he didn’t plan to create inside me.

What I don’t know
are the right things to say
how to say them
or when to stop saying them.

He’s with me through this time
and beyond this time
because there will never be a time
when he isn’t with me

as I cross those bridges to the backyard and beyond.

Ry - 2010


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