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Poppy September 25, 2011

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My friend Poppy

My friend Poppy

Mimi the lamb

Mimi the lamb

Poppy is my stuffed animal. She is an Australian Shepherd and I
think she is a little bit of Corgi because of her ears. I got her on my
birthday. She is an a Webkinz; a Webkinz is a stuffed animal that you can play
with online.

Now I bring her everywhere. Mimi a lamb that is a stuffed animal
that I love so much and Poppy and Mimi are sisters. My friend Poppy

I also made a collar for her with my grandma; I sewed it all
together. I even took her camping with me. She is My FAVORITE animal ever.


My book bag September 12, 2011

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At school we have to make book bags out of fabric and then you have to sew it together. My fabric is dark blue with white dog paws. When you do the sewing you have to do three works first: writing, math and reading. Then you can work on you book bag.

I made one at home all by myself. I need thicker thread and my mommy said she would take me to Michael’s.

Bian Stahl

Hand sewn bookbag made by Bian


A new classroom experience (by Bian) August 25, 2011

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Flag of JapanI am in Miss Atsuko Shimizu’s class and she is Japanese. She teaches us Japanese, like how to say “good morning” (おはよう — “Ohayō-gazamas”).We have a turtle named Monic (she’s a girl) and lots of fish. I am in the same class as my best friend Ingrid but I miss my other friends from Miss Vikki’s class.

We have made book bags out of fabrics by sewing them and I made one at home, too. I think it’s neat to have an Asian teacher and I’m going to be taller than her in about two years. She has curly hair and goes to China twice a year to have the curls put in.

I love being in fourth grade. I love school and I love my teacher and tomorrow we’re having a reading test on the computers. I am reading Mister Popper’s Penguins and my mom is reading Gregor the Overlander (Book #1) to me at night. It’s a great fantasy book and we look forward to it every night. I am also reading Poppy and Ereth. The author, Avi, lives in Denver! I have read a couple other of the Poppy books and liked one but didn’t like the other.

We are going camping this weekend with Jodie and Jan our friends. We are even bringing Bamboo!


Good, strong wishes August 4, 2011

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You take good strong wishes and make them into laughter.

(Sentence Bian created from those magnetic words people have on their fridge — if their fridges aren’t stainless, like ours is, which really bums me out now that she writes.)


The Schoolhouse July 27, 2011

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Pearl and Bian - Seattle 2011

By: Bian Stahl
My mom and I are going to the schoolhouse on Saturday. I get to see some VERY good friends of mine there. We get to sleep in tents, roast marshmallows around a fire pit and do all kinds of things. The friends names are Cosmos, Pearl, Tata and Will. There is a lake there and trees. Last year I got to drive a tractor with someone’s help; it was fun but hard. Playing games with Pearl and running free is so exciting. I wish I could go up there more often.

Dart Schoolhouse pond 2005


Camp- week 5: Soccer clinic! July 18, 2011

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Today I had soccer camp and it was so warm out. I drank 2 bottles of water. I am so excited for tomorrow!