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Taste the World: Bian’s new restaurant concept November 4, 2011

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Welcome to my new restaurant where we serve snails, homemade mac & cheese, and Swedish meatballs, all from recipes from my mom and grandma. I know a lot of people don’t like snails but I tink you should try them. In fact, this whole restaurant is about trying new foods.

The first you come in you get a free drink and dessert.

Speaking of desserts, we offer French éclaires and Vietnamese sweet pudding called chè. We also serve Swedish linzer cookies and Swedish pancakes.

I think you are thinking, “Why is it called ‘Taste the World'”? Well, it’s because many countries offer different foods and we want you to try them.

The people who work here are from different countries and they bring different foods to our restaurant; they also help with the decorations to make it seem like you are eating in that country.

And please visit TASTE THE WORLD.

(Oh, and try, try, TRY new foods!)


Crash-and-burn low food day July 16, 2011

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Too much to do today. Had my morning tea, gave Bian her breakfast of eggs, toast, and a few berries. Walked Bamboo, ate a granola bar on the way.

On the way Bridging Hope Gallery to visit our friend Sister Sen, a Catholic nun from Vietnam (who says she’s Christian in religion but her head is Buddhist) Bian ate last night’s leftover pad Thai. I drove.

We got home around 4. I folded laundry, watched part of The Brothers Bloom (is it just me or does it smack of The Odyssey????) and at about 5:30…I crashed. Totally got all sweaty and cranky (“crabby?” Oh no, I’ve recently been told; no one even USES the word “crabby” anymore) like I was diabetic or something.

The kid witnessed it all. Nice modeling, Mom. A bowl of cereal fixed it quick.

(Though my DINNER was like 140 characters, how could I have said all that in 140 tweeting characters? And why would I want to?)